Bangkok Massage Lady Partnership for Greater Travel Journey Experiences.

Be able to meet a good Bangkok massage girl for companionship is all about the right chemistry when you desire to have a genuine girlfriend experience.

Selections of sexy, talented with great personalities ladies are available to accompany you to a dinner date, cultural conversations, tour guide,

Hence, with some personal pampering, pillow talk, and playing under the bedsheets which you will find some unexpected surprises if you treat them well.

Bangkok massage girls are naturally warmth, accommodating with charming smiles, playful attitudes have a great sense of humour, it suitable for the best genuine girlfriend experience, most importantly,

these seductive girls can meet you at your residences, hotels, or anywhere within given addresses in most parts of Bangkok city.

Therefore they can also tour you within the town part of the city with some high-lighted well-known landmarks, recommending local street food best in the world, pubs, dine and nightlife of the City.

Travel with Bangkok Girl within the Thai Kingdom

Travel alone to explore this all year round tropical climate country with lots of endless beautiful islands to name a few like Phuket, Krabi, Pattaya, and attractions. Certainly, this lady is worthwhile to be your partner throughout the journey.

These seductive ladies of yours can speak the native language, be able to communicate with the locals as some area of people only speaks Thai., subsequently, without any communication break down, as Thailand is notorious for a double standard in pricing on tourist, this will be an added advantages travelling with them.

Most of the agency or independent massage girls in Bangkok offer a wide range of attractive service packages to be with you as companionship within Thailand.

Bangkok massage

Services Provided by Massage Parlors in Bangkok

There are lots of so-called soapy massage parlours in the Bangkok City area, each of them situated inside multi-stories buildings by its own property land with ample parking bays, the facade looks like 3-star hotels,

They all have several dozen private rooms outfitted with a king-sized bed, TV, table, en-suite bathroom with shower and bathtub, which is mostly located not in the bathroom but in the bedroom.

Indeed these rooms you would instantly know that you’re not in an ordinary hotel, but rather in a typical massage parlour. When you walk into the lobby of these buildings where you’ll see a full-height glass partition,

It’s called “fishbowl”, showcasing choices of sexy ladies for selections, sitting inside that are all prepared to spend a wonderful time in paradise with you.

Take a seat, and you will be attended by one of the managers, order a beer if you will like, and take the time you need to look at those girls and make your decision. You can ask the manager about the price, which girls give good service, which ones have good body physic features etc.

Sensual Massage Service Experience in Thailand

The first thing your girl does in the room is to open the water in the bathtub as it will take some time to fill up, in the meantime the girl will start “getting warm” with you, doing some first gentle touching, perform some basic neck massage.

Next, your girl leads you into the bathtub, which is full of soap and foam. She will not only clean and scrub every part of your body, but also rub and slide up and down all over you with her naked body and capably utilize her breasts. Literally, you will be having some sensually hard time.

After a shower, both jump onto the bed, where she will foreplay with massaging you with full course action services, the session will last for 45 minutes or so whichever sooner depending on your sexual stamina.

Wash up after finish, get dried, and dress up, before you leave don’t forget to tips her if you think her service is good.

Looking for a Bangkok massage lady to accompany you during your stay in Bangkok!!!